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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a process of selling Products without having to actually stock any. You sell the merchandise at a price you determine. After the customer pays you for the item, you pay us the trade-price and send us your customers name and address. We ship the product out to your customer, and the difference between your price and our trade-price is your profit, all to keep!

How Does Dropshipping Actually Work?

Let's say you intend to sell a Game CD from our site that costs £5.00. You would sell that Game for a price you would determine, let's use £10.00 plus £2.00 shipping for an example. After you collect the payment of £12.00 from the customer and their mailing address, you would forward the £5.00 plus £2.00 Shipping to us, and keep the £5.00 as profit, never having to touch the Product, as we (the DropShipper) sends it out direct to the customer.

You, as the seller, have a way to earn some extra money, having no start-up costs, no overheads, no packaging costs or headaches.

How much does it cost to join game-dropshipping?

We charge a minimal fee to ensure that only serious people like you join our service. Please CLICK HERE and register your name and email address to see our current subscription offers.

Why do I have to pay a membership fee?

We charge a minimal fee to ensure that only serious people like you join our service, If everyone got free membership then everyone would just buy their games direct from us. Join our service and you can buy at Trade Price and Sell at whatever price you wish. Most UK wholesalers have at least a £150+vat minimum order, Our minimum order is just £1. We allow you to buy all your games at below true UK trade Prices. By subscribing you acknowledge you have read our Terms Of Membership and understand that your membership is for the sole purpose of allowing you to order by Creditcard or Paypal, have all your orders dispatched under plain wrap to an alternative address(dropship address), and ensure no invoice is attached.

Can I get A Free Trial to Your service?

Sorry, we cannot give access to our members database for free. Please note this is not a get rich quick scheme so you will need to be dedicated and expect to put some work in.

Do you stock and dispatch all items yourself?

Yes, unlike many "dropship" companies that don't actually hold any stock we dispatch every order direct to your customer from OUR warehouse! There are no middlemen involved so you are getting the best possible price we can offer and the best service we can offer!

Do you also sell your products on ebay yourself?

No, we only sell our products through our members and that is Guaranteed! 

What Are The Benefits of Dropshipping?

There are many benefits to dropshipping. First of all, you do not have any packaging materials to worry about, as we (the DropShipper) takes care of all packaging, Postage etc. We only charge a minimal membership fee for this service, as it is you that is getting us the business, so both you and us make a little money.

Another hassle taken out of the equation is taking the time to package up all the merchandise. Imagine someone ordering 100 items from you. If you had to package them and then take them to the Post Office to ship out, how much of a hassle would that be? With dropshipping, you do not have to worry about it. We do it all.

The biggest benefit of dropshipping is not having to maintain a warehouse full of inventory, as that is looked after by us. Our product range is growing all the time. Your very minimal membership fee covers warehousing, staff and more! What other business model could offer you that?

Is There Any Additional Charges To Have My Orders Dropshipped?

There is a low subscription fee, after that All you pay is trade prices or below plus a minimal 1st class postage and packing charge of £1.90 for UK orders, There are no catches!

Do You Put Your Company Name On The Package When It Is Sent?

We do not give any reference as to our name at all when we ship out orders. Your customers will never see our name on the orders. Your customers will also never see the prices you paid for the product anywhere on the order. 

What Method Of Payments Will You Accept?

To make matters simple for the majority of our customers we accept Paypal.

Do You Require A Minimum Order?

Not at all. We want to make this opportunity available for everyone. We specialise in sending individual games to individual customers. As a member we want you to be able to benefit from the service we offer and allowing you to purchase without a minimum order value is just one great advantage of game-dropshipping.co.uk

Do I Have To Have A Business Name Or License To Order From You?

No, you do not need a business name or licence to buy from us. We sell to individuals, businesses, distributors, organizations, and other wholesalers.

Do your games work in My Country?

All disc based games we sell are PAL and will only work in PAL regions around the world... Amiga, PC, Mac, PS3 and most Xbox 360 games will work in any country.

More info can be found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAL_region

How long does it take for delivery of each order?

This all depends on your customers location and whether the item you have ordered is available from stock, from time to time we have to re-order new stock and so from time to time small delays in dispatch may occur. Most items delivered to a UK address should arrive with your customer in about 7 - 10 days!

Who's to blame if I list something on ebay,ebid or cqout incorrectly?

You are, Every item you list on auction sites is your responsibility. Ebay particularly, can be very single-minded at times and if they don't like something, they'll end your auction early...

What happens if my customer wants a refund?

This is up to you, Your the seller, If you want to refund your customer then do so... The customer should return the item to you, for you to resell.

Can I order multiple items from you at the same time?

Because we are a drop-ship company we are setup to handle individual orders only. We can only dispatch individual items. Each game should be ordered separately and each game will be dispatched separately to your customers, As such we cannot offer discounts on any postage fees.

Will You Accept International Members/Orders?

We sure do... If you can pay with Paypal, then we can take the order and ship the goods to your customers anywhere in the world. Please remember however all the games we sell are official UK/EU releases suitable for PAL consoles so only guaranteed to work in the UK, Europe and Australia/NZ and any other PAL region apart from PS3 games and most Xbox 360 games which are region-free and can be used in any country along with Amiga, Mac & PC games which are also region-free and will work in ANY country.

Do you sell consoles, peripherals and hardware?

No we do not, as our website name implies we only market and sell games.

Do you stock the very latest chart topping games for a fiver?

No we do not, If you think you can buy the latest releases for virtually nothing then you really are barking up the wrong tree. 

I Plan On Reselling Your Products, Will You Always Have Stock Of Them?

We always try to have stock of every item in DropShip database. We feel it is very important to make sure you and your customers have access to these products at all times. We feel it is very important for both our business and your business to maintain a steady supply of all our advertised products, But obviously in such a market as Wii, PS3 & XBOX360, stock can sometimes sell out quickly and of course older games do eventually run out.

What happens if I sell something and you have sold out?

We issue a full refund via paypal as soon as we attempt to process your order so there is no messing you or your customer around.

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